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reading Meaningful Games, Robin Clark

CREATED: [2021-06-06 Sun 17:15]

on natural vs formal, as the words are used to prefix "language"

CREATED: [2021-06-05 Sat 00:45]

"Natural" here is meant to denote (at least according to Clark) "social" and "strategic" and "Schelling point built". "formal" is meant to denote "precise". I worry that in an attempt to disambiguate we have ended up contrasting: the former usage is not best used to denote something imprecise, nor is the latter usage well understood if taken to be apurposive or asocial.

Triage: a game where you are a triage nurse

CREATED: [2021-06-04 Fri 14:43]

Worksheet project: an evolving writing project where you invite people to fill out worksheets that you then extend in response to their responses

CREATED: [2021-06-04 Fri 14:43]

What does a twitter dissenter see? Volume and vehemence of reactions to unpopular opinions and how it's changed over the years

CREATED: [2021-06-04 Fri 14:43]

Gaze ye not into the recursion, lest ye gaze into the recursion

CREATED: [2021-05-21 Fri 16:29]

Gaze ye not into the recursion, lest ye gaze into the recursion

CREATED: [2021-05-21 Fri 16:29]
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Uncommon Time - TV Tropes

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Harlem (poem) - Wikipedia

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Continental Divide of the Americas - Wikipedia

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Habitat 67 - Wikipedia

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Metabolism (architecture) - Wikipedia

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Story of a shotgun marriage born of a love confession made after a suicide attempt caused by years of trauma, where the couple ends up happy because love actually, step by painful step, conquers all.

CREATED: [2021-05-18 Tue 13:22]

written to begin from shortly after the marriage in question

Flakes - NixOS Wiki

CREATED: [2021-05-14 Fri 10:57]

Using nix flakes with NixOS nixos-rebuild switch will read its configuration from /etc/nixos/flake.nix if it is present.

A basic nixos flake.nix could look like this:

{ outputs = { self, nixpkgs }: {

nixosConfigurations.joes-desktop = nixpkgs.lib.nixosSystem { system = "x8664-linux"; modules = [ ./configuration.nix ]; }; }; }

todo repackage configuration.nix as flake

'Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone' - W H Auden

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Andrew Lang (Creator) - TV Tropes

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Skulduggery Pleasant (Literature) - TV Tropes

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Hanahaki Disease - TV Tropes

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Fine, and with your feeling hands

CREATED: [2021-05-08 Sat 17:58]

Find the rocks and pick them out, And with your fingers wear them out Till they fall through the sieve. Let us meet, but ten years hence, When all the rocks have been worn small – we couldn't help but let them fall – So clasp our hands, and grieve.

I will say, "remember when"– But once we need a "which" or "when" The thing that won't come back again Is past - and when you say "I do", and ask me back the same That, too, is back the way we came We'll come ten years and play this game, Since we came all that way.

Responsibility is fake, and so is identity. But if the blame comes and the guilt comes, let responsibility be "mine", let an identity exist to hold it; and then at least the stories that stick around are there for each other and can be quiet.

CREATED: [2021-05-08 Sat 17:58]

David Bowie (Music) - TV Tropes

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Instrumental Hip Hop - TV Tropes

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The Areas of My Expertise (Literature) - TV Tropes

CREATED: [2021-05-08 Sat 17:51]

The Premium Mediocre Life of Maya Millennial

CREATED: [2021-05-03 Mon 16:48]

This idea of reverse reality distortion too, took me a while to figure out. Silicon Valley acknowledges the existence of the reality distortion field cast by the conjurers of new wealth. What it does not quite recognize is the reality distortion field that goes the other way: the theater of yes-your-plans-are-succeeding manufactured for the benefit of the leaders, so they continue trying to make the New Economy happen. It’s quite fetch.

The strongest argument I have ever seen for trying to make fetch happen.

linux - How do you write your own IP protocol? (Assuming TCP and UDP are not suitable) - Stack Overflow

CREATED: [2021-04-28 Wed 12:56]

Org-Mode iCalendar Export with Explicit Time Zones | Tero Hasu

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The wrong crowd: a sequence on the calculus of reasoning by correlation in social graphs   wish

CREATED: [2021-04-24 Sat 02:24]
  • the scott alexander excuses post
  • memetic spread degrading concept relations
  • stable strategies for dealing with this shit without succmubing to correlational reasoning yourself
  • an impossibility theorem for the above

Red-vented\bulbul,nearSukhnaLake,Chandigarh,India04.JPG (4608×3456)

CREATED: [2021-04-23 Fri 18:43]

It seems worth revisiting the "cultivate consistent mathematical tradeoffs" paradigm in light of Debt's very pretty trust-community-vs-money-market paradigms

CREATED: [2021-04-23 Fri 15:21]
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ref Your Cheerful Price - LessWrong

CREATED: [2021-04-23 Fri 15:21]

I was speaking mostly tongue-in-cheek. But in fact there are coherence theorems saying that either you have consistent quantitative tradeoffs between the things you want, or your strategies can be rearranged to get you strictly more of everything you want. I think that truly understanding these theorems is not compatible with being horrified at the prospect of pricing one thing in terms of another thing. I think that there is a true bit of mathematical enlightenment that you get, and see into the structure of choicemaking, and then you are less horrified by the thought of pricing things in money.

things i eat in the bathtub

CREATED: [2021-04-23 Fri 15:21]

Look for the lesswrong sequence about interfaces over truths

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[Orgmode] Publish atom feeds based on Org files

CREATED: [2021-04-19 Mon 17:01]
,---- | (setq org-publish-project-alist | '( | ... | ("news-feed" | :base-directory "~/website/" | :base-extension "org" | :publishing-directory "~/website/" | ;; new property :publishing-url | :publishing-url "http://example.tld/~john/"; | :auto-index t | :index-filename "news.atom" | :index-title "News feed for address@hidden" | :index-function org-atom-publish-feed-index | ;; feed specific settings | :feed-id "6ea57592-69f2-4ef8-b44d-b7a511bd2fe8") | ... | )) `----

Flakes - NixOS Wiki

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ArchiveBox | 🗃 Open source self-hosted web archiving. Takes URLs/browser history/bookmarks/Pocket/Pinboard/etc., saves HTML, JS, PDFs, media, and more…

CREATED: [2021-04-19 Mon 16:53]

todo set up archivebox

What If Everything I Think About Teaching Is Wrong | Five Twelve Thirteen   pedagogy

CREATED: [2021-04-19 Mon 16:51]
in Alex Overwijk and Mary Bourassa’s morning session at Twitter Math Camp. They have dispensed with traditional units entirely, instead teaching content through activities. An activity could last anywhere from a single class to three weeks. Each major topic in a course comes up within the first few weeks (Al called this “unloading” standards), and is spiraled a number of times before the end. Here’s what the curriculum might look like:

clickbaity but cute idea

Lessons from Learning Abstract Algebra | Five Twelve Thirteen

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Guillotine - Wikipedia

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retract - Wiktionary

CREATED: [2021-04-19 Mon 16:46]
From Middle English retracten, from Old French retracter, from Late Latin rētractō (“I undertake again; I withdraw, refuse, decline; I retract”), from Latin retractus (“withdrawn”), perfect passive participle of retrahō (“I draw or pull back, withdraw; I call back, remove”). Doublet of retreat.

doublets are so cool

epanorthosis - Wiktionary

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All of Rihana's Met Gala Red Carpet Looks & Outfits | Vogue

CREATED: [2021-04-19 Mon 16:45]

A Universe of Sorts

CREATED: [2021-04-19 Mon 15:52]

Intuitionstic logic as a Heytig algebra open sets form a Heytig Algebra, which is a lattice plus an implication operator. So it's stronger than a lattice, but weaker than a boolean algebra. Formally, a Heytig algebra over a set XX is a collection (L, ∨, ∧, ⇒)(L,∨,∧,⇒) where (X, ∨, ∧)(X,∨,∧) form a lattice, and ⇒⇒ obeys the axiom ⇒: L → L; (c ∧ a) ≤ b \iff c ≤ (a ⇒ b) ⇒:L→L;(c∧a)≤b⟺c≤(a⇒b) In any topological space (U, τ)(U,τ) (UU for universe set) the open sets of that space form a Heytig algebra. Here, set-union and set-intersection become the lattice join and lattice meet. We define a "weak complement" denoted by \lnot¬ which is defined as: \lnot A ≡ \texttt{interior}(AC)

Fix it and tell us what you did - LessWrong

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Underground city - Wikipedia

CREATED: [2021-04-19 Mon 15:34]

Doki Doki Literature Club! (Visual Novel) - TV Tropes

CREATED: [2021-04-19 Mon 15:33]

spectral sequences - the source for being able to tell anish that sheaf cohomology is org mode, apparently

CREATED: [2021-04-18 Sun 03:16]
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Bathing machine - Wikipedia

CREATED: [2021-04-16 Fri 16:46]

VR Fitness Insider - Virtual Reality Workouts, Exercises and Fitness News

CREATED: [2021-04-16 Fri 16:45]

Concept Wednesday - Deloading : bodyweightfitness

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CuriosityStream - Browse

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Love On The Brain Uke tab by Rihanna

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CREATED: [2021-04-16 Fri 16:44]

Ipso facto - Wikipedia

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Silken Tofu Recipes for Vegetarians and Vegans

CREATED: [2021-04-16 Fri 16:39]

Easy Roasted Onions Recipe (With Variations)

CREATED: [2021-04-16 Fri 16:38]

Mangammal - Wikipedia

CREATED: [2021-04-16 Fri 16:38]

Dahee&#039;s Plastic Castle | Grumblings of a K-Entertainment Addict

CREATED: [2021-04-16 Fri 16:35]

A story about a gameboard, but pieces moving chnnges the world around you, and it's h love story between the players.

CREATED: [2021-04-15 Thu 16:03]
PUBDATE: <2021-04-23 Fri 17:36>

On a grassy plain, where trees hug the horizon, an unlucky child goes looking in the dark sooty places of the twilight, and finds harm.

CREATED: [2021-04-15 Thu 16:03]
PUBDATE: <2021-04-23 Fri 17:36>

A: "… ML as a field is just that "stonks" meme isn't it. except instead of stonks it's F1 score "

CREATED: [2021-04-15 Thu 16:03]
PUBDATE: <2021-04-23 Fri 17:36>

I want someone to tell me, when I'm dissatisfied, when I want more or other, that it's worth wanting.

CREATED: [2021-04-15 Thu 16:03]
PUBDATE: <2021-04-23 Fri 17:36>

Co coalitioning as a similarity metric

CREATED: [2021-04-15 Thu 16:03]
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Just Hold On (We're Going Home) - kiaronna - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]​

CREATED: [2021-04-15 Thu 16:03]
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“Being so ugly,” she continues calmly, as though this makes perfect sense, “I wanted to change myself so thoroughly that others would look to me on stage and say: how far Lilia Baranovskaya has come.” A pause then, carefully timed. “Katsuki. Do you think this made me prima ballerina?” The obvious answer is yes, because Lillia had been.

“Something else?” Yuuri asks, unsteady.

“When I became prima ballerina,” she says, “it was because they would look to me on stage and say: who is that beautiful monster.” She comes to him, tilts his chin up in unshaking, perfect hands. “Destroy your past self, and only use the beautiful pieces. Every time you take the stage you are a new man, Katsuki Yuuri, with something new to prove.” Her eyes, burning on his. “We do not let old lives dance with us.”

Redemption does not exist. There is only rebirth.

A fairytale:

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Two lovers meet, and cry for a week, without stopping, into their pillows as they sleep, salting their meals as they eat. Still weeping, they marry. The marriage bed becomes soaked, as if left out in the rain. And once they slept that night, the thears stopped, and when they woke up the next morning they had cried out all the sadness of seventeen years and felt perfectly happy from then until the end of their days. Hopeful lovers will leave their bedroom windows open, that lovers might bless their bed with rain; and a marriage bed might, by the romantic or the very old, be blessed with saltwater.

One of my teachers once said "The first step is always to find and feel love for the part of yourself in tension. It might be the only step."

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romantic cruise at the end of the world   writing

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space cadet anta by the technicolors anta - what does this song remind me of???

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analekara from singing class

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WOTD Desire

CREATED: [2020-11-19 Thu 20:53]
PUBDATE: <2021-04-23 Fri 17:36>

What is it you need of me?
If I could I'd find a way to give it, so you'd leave, and stop this
Asking after things I'd rather leave beneath the dust you found them in.

Dress me, then, in dust of attics
Shelves above the kitchen shelves
Where we keep our Occasional Selves
Like Traveler or Murderer.

Dry me in the summer sun,
Pleasure in its fullest bloom
Is punishment in winter rooms.
Breathe, and weep, and shed your fear.

Transmute pain out of our fun,
Perhaps that's far enough you've run.

todo find / build a nice dependency management tool

CREATED: [2020-11-18 Wed 16:00]
PUBDATE: <2021-04-23 Fri 17:36>

I put in X->Y sentences I get out potential orders of operation. Could be easy enough to write in orgmode or elisp at minimum Input `dot`, output order types or a org-spreadsheet table of dependency sentences.

Radical Collaboration, by James W Tamm and Ronald J. Luyet   recc

CREATED: [2020-11-11 Wed 22:23]
PUBDATE: <2021-04-23 Fri 17:36>

recc from that new coworking discord I joined, relating to the FIRO model. quote:

Ran across a model yesterday called FIRO (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation) that grades people on three metrics: Inclusion, Control, and Openness.

On a scale of 0 to 9, how much do you want other people to include you (keep you in the loop with emails, invite you to parties, chat with you just for fun, ask for your input before making a decision, etc)? How much do you like to include other people?

On a scale of 0 to 9, how much do you want other people to control your work (guide your activities, help you schedule, select your priorities, decide how you achieve your goals, etc)? How much do you want to control other people?

On a scale of 0 to 9, how much do you want to share with other people about yourself (talk about your feelings, hopes, fears, doubts, share details about your life, etc)? How much do you want others to be open with you? I only encountered this yesterday, and have done no more research than what's in the summary in this book, so I have no idea how well it holds up beyond the author's reassurance that it does, nor how it may have been misused by managers through the ages. But what I like about it is that it explains a mystery about myself I've been struggling with for a while: it explains my wildly varying sociability scores.

In most models I've seen, openness and inclusion are lumped together into some overarching "extraversion" or "people-person" sort of metric, and then both I and other people end up very confused about who I am and what I want. But by splitting them out, it becomes quite clear.

The typical bro-friendship in Hollywood right now, for instance, is high-inclusion and low-openness: you wanna hang out with your buddies all the time, but you never want the conversation to get into anything icky like emotions and stuff. You'll often see female friendships portrayed as high-inclusion and high-openness: gal-pals will get together, paint their fingernails, and talk about everything from their digestive tract to how good their partner is in bed.

In this model, I'm high-openness and low-inclusion: I'm happy to talk about whatever, and I don't mind going as deep and as vulnerable as anyone wants, but I just don't feel the need to be involved very much no matter what the topic of discussion. I'll hop in if I feel like the group is missing something important, but if everything's flowing nicely then I prefer to sit on the sidelines. If we're working on a project together, and there's a decision to be made that clearly falls within your purview, then I don't feel the need to tell you how to do it – just make the decision and tell me what you decided. I like hanging out in spaces like this, but I don't want to be one of the most active members, I don't want to run tea time, I don't want to be a moderator or to have special permissions. I like lurking. And that probably explains, more than any other factor, why my mental and spiritual health are doing fine after 9 months of lockdown with no end in sight: I just don't like going to parties that much. I don't need to be face-to-face to experience the level of inclusion I want. I can get all my needs met from Discord and Zoom. And as another consequence, the productivity gain from hermit mode is well worth it: I get to do the things I want to do AND I get to work by myself. My suspicion , Sri, is that you are high-inclusion, and therefore hermit-mode productivity is fraught with tension: You want to get things done, because that makes you happy, but blocking yourself off from other people makes you unhappy. You want to hang out with people because that makes you happy, but it stops you creating things at the level you want to. And so you end up stuck in this middle place where you can't be fully happy no matter what you decide.

I have a lot of joy.

CREATED: [2020-11-04 Wed 17:52]
PUBDATE: <2021-04-23 Fri 17:36>

More than "enough", going by feeling. Abundant. Depression and wrongdoing and desire and suffering are all a distraction from that truth. Facing that truth is difficult, because it makes me feel undeserving. Or naive. Or foolish. It is hard to create a life or live a life that lives up to that much joy. And desire is a lot of fun. Maybe I want to hang around here, feeling this feeling, and finding a life that fits it, for awhile longer.

durability of inferred knowledge

CREATED: [2020-10-03 Sat 10:23]
PUBDATE: <2021-04-23 Fri 17:36>

Think of DNA and reimplementation. Question: how often on average are things reimplemented in DNA? Program durability is one thing, but

existing code is used to solve the problem / existing code is capable of solving the problem

Edit distance efficiency, tentatively

Is quite another. I'd be interested to see

  • good ways to measure that
  • good ways to improve it
  • how DNA performs on that scale.

Also, reading the deductive uncertainty paper would really help right about now, since it hooks up real nice.

(Above notes sparked from Samo Burja, Functional Institutions are the Exception.)

intellectual dark matter and metis

CREATED: [2020-10-03 Sat 10:12]
PUBDATE: <2021-04-23 Fri 17:36>

Our happy cat capture story is worth it here

The Amarna Letters - history of the bronze age in the mediterranean   recc

CREATED: [2020-10-02 Fri 21:57]
PUBDATE: <2021-04-23 Fri 17:36>

apparently very game of thrones esque

dissent is individual, which is why collective negations can only happen through the frankly roundabout mechanism of taboo.

CREATED: [2020-08-11 Tue 20:48]
PUBDATE: <2021-04-23 Fri 17:36>

Saying "no" acknowledges the thing you're responding to as having enough weight to be noticed in the first place. "No" is a transformation that just doesn't survive intact through the transmission and lensing of the collective illusion. This fact is there, buried in the reflexive mistrust of protest, in the invitation to suspicion being inescapably double-edged as a rhetorical tool…"no" invites pruning, it invites criticality and logic, the exercise of reasoning over priors, and being the purest, most effective tool for the generation of powerful (useful, correct, effective, unpredicatable, unsimulable, fearsome) ideas that we have, is therefore much, much cheaper for an individual, and less risky, than it could ever be for a society. The mechanism of taboo, therefore, functions as an attempt at inoculation. It's an act of name-stealing, or dilution, of confusion. If you want certain things not to be thought, these roundabout mechanisms are all that you could hope to see working.

ways to say I love you without saying I love you

CREATED: [2020-08-08 Sat 23:32]
PUBDATE: <2021-04-23 Fri 17:36>

Leaf in the middle and glass on the left
(You eat with your right hand and ought to sip water
Though everybody disagrees on just how and when)
Salt isn't asked about, sweet's always yes
The rest of it, you can try to say yes or no
And there's rules about everything that you won't know
But the grandmother next to you (grandfather's at
The head of the table, and we wait for him to eat)
Will make sure you follow them and explain if she's nice.
You're lost, and you'd drown, without this advice.
Later, when you realize that they laughed when you sprinkled
The water round your plate like you'd seen them all do
Because imitation doesn't work when the rule's just for you
And your grandmother's in the kitchen, eating after she serves
Not how the only girl child of her generation would
If she could be quiet, and appear to be good.
When the womenfolk eat, I lay out their food
The salt and the sweet and all of the rest
And they say yes or no based on what they like best.

6 box meal prep plan   food

CREATED: [2020-08-07 Fri 18:01]
PUBDATE: <2021-04-23 Fri 17:36>
  • veggie box
  • sauce box
  • roti box
  • rice box
  • pappu box (vegan protein)
  • paneer box (dairy or egg protein)
  • breadbox
    • bread
    • desserts

Plan for week starting [2020-08-08 Sat]

  • cabbage fry
    • full cabbage head
  • vankai pacchadi
    • both vankais, what can be salvaged of tomatoes
  • pita
    • 12 pita
  • fried red rice with quinoa and amaranth
    • 1 cup
  • rajma
    • 1 cup
  • lemon pepper grilled paneer
    • 6x100g

look up byron because of jonathan strange and mr norrell

CREATED: [2017-09-02 Sat 11:57]
PUBDATE: <2021-04-23 Fri 17:36>

dicking around   writing

CREATED: [2016-05-12 Thu 18:25]

from Grammarly: A font walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Hey, we don't serve your type here," and then calls the serif.

Replace font-type-serif with:

  • merge-sort-versioncontrol
  • parentheses-bracket-punctuate(make you eat a knuckle sandwich and then barf up the)
  • Nonselfcontainingset-family-operators(buncha smooth)
  • Vegetablesoup-stock-heat
  • deer-elk-vamoose
  • fabric-felt(suspicious, so I called)-fuzz
  • tree-?-cops(e)

potentially punny law enforcement officials/people to be called by the bartender

  • heat
  • fuzz
  • cops
  • officer
  • patrol
  • enforcer
  • supervisor
  • manager
  • bouncer
  • security

final versions

  • Merge walks into a bar. The bartender says, "We don't serve your sort. Now get outta here before I have to call in Version Control."
  • A bowl of vegetable soup walks into a bar. The bartender says, "We don't serve your stock. Now get out before I involve the heat."
  • A pair of parentheses walk into a bar. The bartender stammers, "I'm sorry, but we don't cater to clientele of your bracket." They growl at him. "Pal, you better serve us our order on the double." "Or else I'm gonna serve you a knuckle sandwich-" "-and then I'm gonna make you barf up that punctuate."
  • A non-self-containing set walks into a bar. The bartender and all the patrons stiffen. "Your family isn't welcome in these parts," he growls. The set smiles, and says, "This must be a reunion." He doesn't walk back out.
  • "Tell me again what happened." "Well he walked in here with a look like he had pulled the wool over the eyes of everybody in the room, and everybody loved him, just cozied right up. But, you know, I felt suspicious, so when it all went to pieces I was the first to call the fuzz."
  • A reindeer walks into a bar. The bartender says, "We don't serve your elk, so vamoose."

working set up archivebox

Date: 2016-05-10 Tue 00:00

Author: Sahiti Chedalavada

Created: 2021-06-18 Fri 15:53