War Games

Smoke and the burn and the restless mad turn Of the wheels in my head that all churn out cliches that I somehow don't mind and I somehow don't pause And a million and one stupid thoughts without cause And the cleverness I somehow catch when they're listening And foolishness inside my safe simple mind And rhymes that need use of the useless word glistening and all of the pretty young thoughts I can find And I wish I could dredge up my histories in ways That make them anew for me, not just them Who will sometimes sit down and hear what I say And I really do try to entertain where I can And my reader you see, hasn't found herself yet And my reader, she hasn't found me, but she's looking And while she looks, foolisher rhymes will keep cooking And words are invented, and rearranged more For the pleasure of war games than the business of war.

Date: <2016-05-10 Tue> [2017-03-03 Fri]

Author: Sahiti Chedalavada

Created: 2020-12-14 Mon 02:14