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So. This is the sort of incomplete document that has to be a living document, because I see no real end to the updates and definitely none in the next three months. Many of these are things I haven't read, or have only given cursory treatment, or received filtered readings of in class. They're from reading assignments, offhand noted recommendations, retrofitted memories of various excerpts, etc. They are by no means complete.

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1 Currently (notably) missing

  • Most of the classical Sanskrit original sources, commentaries, and excerpts
  • Auxiliary / further reading
  • Course lists from the syllabus
  • Notes on each reading
    • context and treatment in discourse
    • how they were assigned and grouped
    • places to look for further context

2 newton-leibniz-clarke correspondence   navjyoti ontology philosophy naturalphilosophy

3 Leibniz   ontology aristotleriff philosophy mathphil naturalphilosophy

3.1 Monadologie

3.2 Theodicy

3.3 The Labyrinth of the Continuum

4 Descartes   mindbody proofofgod aristotleriff philosophy mathphil

4.1 Meditations on First Philosophy

5 hilbert's millenium problems   math ontology

6 cantor on transfinites   math ontology

7 greek conception of irrationals   math mathhistory ontology aesthetics

8 Indian Logic - Ancient, Mediaeval, and Modern - Satish CV   philosophy indianphilosophy logic

9 The Poetics of Space - Gaston Bachelard   aesthetics

10 Aristotle

10.1 Poetics   aesthetics

10.2 Categories   ontology

11 Phantoms in the Brain - VS Ramachandran   cogsci epistemics pranavvasishta

12 Brief History of India - Romila Thapar   history epistemics pranavvasishta

13 After Amnesia - GN Devy   history indianphilosophy pranavvasishta

14 One Hundred Years of Solitude - GGM   fiction philosophy epistemics pranavvasishta

15 Whose Justice? Which Rationailty? - Alastair MacIntyre   postmodernist politics epistemics prk

16 Brain-wise - Studies in Neurophilosophy - Patricia Churchland   cogsci prk

17 Two Concepts of Freedom - Isaiah Berlin   politics prk

18 Within and Without - Herman Hesse   philosophy fiction ontology postmodernist prk

19 Murder in a Cathedral - TS Eliot   prk fiction

20 Introduction to Philosophy of History: An Essay on the Limits of Historical Objectivity - Raymond aron   history postmodernist prk

21 The Postmodern Condition - Jean-Francois Lyotard   philosophy postmodernist prk

22 The Historian and His Facts - EH Carr   history prk

23 Anthropology - Michael Herzfeld   anthropology prk

24 Modern Dogma and the Rhetoric of Assent - Wayne Booth   anthropology epistemics prk

25 The Passion of the Western Mind - Richard Tarnas   history anthropology philosophy prk

26 The Man without Qualities - Robert Musir   prk fiction

27 The Man in Black - Oliver Goldsmith   prk fiction

28 Doctor Zhivago - Boris Pasternak   prk fiction

29 Mind at the End of its Tether - HG Wells   prk fiction

30 Labyrinths - Jorge Louis Borges   fiction navjyoti

31 Brentano   ontology epistemics cogsci aristotleriff

31.1 On the Several Senses of Being in Aristotle

31.2 Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint

31.3 Philosophical Investigations on Space, Time, and Continuum

32 Husserl   postmodernist phenomenology navjyoti

33 Heidegger   postmodernist phenomenology aesthetics navjyoti

33.1 Being and Time

33.2 Identity and Difference

34 Infinity and the Mind - Alan Turing   mathphil confluence

35 The Beautiful tree - Sri Dharampal   history anthropology confluence

36 Paradoxes A-Z   philosophy foundations confluence

37 Abhijnana sakuntalam - Kalidasa   sanskrit classicalsanskrit poetry aesthetics

38 Agama-dambara - Bhatta jayanta   play sanskrit mediaevalsanskrit ethics polity

39 Satakatraya / subhashita trisati - Bhartrihari   ethics philosophy classicalsanskrit pranavvasishta

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